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Professional dedicated exclusively to the treatment of existing conditions and diseases at the level of the feet.

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It focuses on the nonsurgical treatment of biomechanical disorders of the lower extremity, when the movement and function of the foot and ankle are outside the range of the normal range. Some problems include heel pain, congenital deformities, flat feet, sports injuries, juanetes, hammertoes, diabetic ulcers, arthritis and tendinitis.


Within this area quiropodológicos non invasive treatments include the feet caused by systemic disorders, as diabetes, reumatoides, vascular, uñas embodied, Calluses, Corns, Warts, mycosis, ulcers and specialized care for complex skin and nail.

Podiatric Surgery:

Podiatry has developed specific and precise techniques to solve many foot problems such as nail pathology, uñas embodied, soft tissue pathologies, Warts, cysts and osteoarticular surgery as "bunions", claw or hammer toes, increasing the reliability and effectiveness of surgery and reducing recovery time.

The risk foot (Diabetic foot):

The Diabetic Foot, is that chronic diabetic complication consisting of vasculopathy and neuropathy, with or without ulceration. Currently 10% of the population suffers from diabetes and this if you are not well controlled can cause disaster on our feet.


Is the study of the progress, what is the degree of harmony of the entire musculoskeletal system and the changes that may occur in your wandering feet. The gait analysis is also used to monitor the effectiveness of surgical repair. In addition it is also important for diabetic patients, since early detection and correction of areas of high pressure before symptoms appear may reduce the risk of ulcers and future lower limb amputation.

Pediatric Podiatry:

Podiatrists provide diagnosis and treatment of foot problems in children, such as flat feet, congenital or hereditary disorders or traumatic injury. If properly identified at an early age, these problems can be corrected promptly.

Geriatric Podiatry:

The passage of time and the uncorrected attacks make the feet of the elderly require proper care to maintain good mobility. Older patients require periodic evaluation and continuous podiatric cures due to complications related to chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes mellitus, peripheral vascular disorders. Such complications can affect the quality of life and independence due to pain, possible infections and disabilities.

Sports Podiatry:

The Podiatrists use a variety of methods to prevent and / or treat injuries to athletes and fans to help optimize the performance while minimizing injuries.

Physics Podiatry:

Therapy includes ultrasound, electrical stimulation or exercise therapies such as isokinetic exercises designed to reduce pain and inflammation associated with biomechanical problems.